cloudsClouds of gloom?… yet speckled with sunlight

Change is not good or bad, it’s just different. Today I walked around the park in a different direction to usual. It felt weird, disorientating. I nearly went the wrong way, no I won’t say wrong; there are no wrong ways, not the way I wanted to go to get to the café.

I drank my coffee without sugar and savoured the bitterness, though I didn’t have it black – that would be a step too far; it is good to accept what you can change and what you cannot. Change can be good, but not always. I cannot change who I am to please someone else. I will not acquiesce to another’s narrow mindedness.


Someone much wiser than me once spoke of trees standing firm in the wind. Today was windy. I do not like the wind, real or metaphorical.

At the beginning, I thought next time I’ll definitely walk the usual way round the park, but I saw so many beautiful and amazing things, now I’m not so sure…

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